Shizuku7148 Carpet, Quality Feltback Twist, Mid Beige - 3m x 4m:Shizuku7148
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Carpet, Quality Feltback Twist, Mid Beige - 3m x 4m:Shizuku7148

247Floors Published in October 22, 2018, 6:41 am
 Carpet, Quality Feltback Twist, Mid Beige - 3m x 4m:Shizuku7148

Carpet, Quality Feltback Twist, Mid Beige - 3m x 4m:Shizuku7148

Price:£60.00+ Free shipping

Gerbil chaos
Gerbil chaos Reply to on 8 September 2017
Let's start by saying that I had some trepidation about ordering this carpet as things that seem to good to be true usually are, but in this case I'm extremely glad that my fear that the carpet would be thin, and possibly folded turned out to be totally unfounded, in fact I was surprised in the way it arrived, within 2 days of ordering, and in excellent condition.
Once laid the carpet has a lovely soft feel and is surprisingly comfortable under foot even without underlay, so much so that I was able to write a message in the pile, see the enclosed pictures with this review.
All in all I am very happy with this purchase, and would surely purchase again if I needed some carpet, in other rooms buy it you'll be glad you did.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 4 February 2018
Excellent reasonably priced carpet perfect for the bedroom delivery was as promised and the carpet was packed really well avoiding any damage. I am thrilled with the finished result and happy to again have cosy feet after moving home and not having a carpet for over three weeks.
Mrs V. Barber
Mrs V. Barber Reply to on 18 October 2017
I bought this carpet for our bedroom and i must say i am very happy with this purchase this is the second time i have ordered from this seller and both times i have been very pleased, great service and excellent and fast delivery.This was very good carpet and was very easy to lay, very happy customer.
jay chappell
jay chappell Reply to on 21 September 2015
Lovely durable carpet we have it in the living room and still looks as nice as the day it was laid! Also easy clean!
Steveosnapper Reply to on 8 September 2016
Faultless service and quality. Delivered the next day as promised. Coupled with 10mm underlay, this carpet looks great and feels great to walk on. The courier refused to help me carry the carpet up two flights of stairs and just left it by our door entry downstairs. I had to ask a neighbour for help. Lousy courier!
claire fletcher
claire fletcher Reply to on 1 April 2013
great carpet for the money,lays beautiful and lovely to walk on.i would purchase this item again it was a great deal
Lilia Reply to on 17 August 2015
I recommend it !!!

This carpet is really great with a good quality, easy to put, nice colour, easy to clean.
Delivery very fast.
And about the price only fantastic.
Mike Reply to on 9 September 2016
It was very nice when I put it on the floor but three weeks after some places became like three years worn carpet, completely
bald- very poor quality and not worth to get it for that price.
angie Reply to on 7 August 2018
Great service looks lovely
Helen Shepheard
Helen Shepheard Reply to on 11 April 2018
Great value carpet. Bought for a bedroom. Decided to do another room once I'd seen it.
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