Shizuku7148 Bristol Novelty BA321 Deluxe Roman Laurel, Gold, One Size:Shizuku7148
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Bristol Novelty BA321 Deluxe Roman Laurel, Gold, One Size:Shizuku7148

Bristol Novelty
Bristol Novelty Published in October 22, 2018, 5:57 am
 Bristol Novelty BA321 Deluxe Roman Laurel, Gold, One Size:Shizuku7148

Bristol Novelty BA321 Deluxe Roman Laurel, Gold, One Size:Shizuku7148

Price:£1.95+ Free shipping

Paige Reply to on 26 November 2014
I thought I had purchased what is shown here. I am a photographer and I was hoping to use this as a prop for a photoshoot however this product is NOT what is shown in the picture but rather a crappy piece of elastic with giant foil gold leaves stuck on top for some fancy dress party. This is faulse advertisement before anything else, it has completely ruined my plans and I would never buy from this user again, what a load of rubbish and disappointment. FYI the image attached is what you get, NOT the picture shown.
SP Reply to on 28 July 2016
It was required for Roman Day at school, but it did not last the day. It fell apart at lunch time. It looked pretty to start with, but was not strong enough to withstand being taken on and off throughout the day. Shame.
molly cook
molly cook Reply to on 22 January 2014
I ordered this item to use for a fancy dress party, however, I am severely disappointed at the quality of the product and will certainly not be wearing it out in public. it looks nothing like the product shown and is in fact a long strip of cellophane, with stupidly large pieces of gold maple leaf shaped foil stapled on to it! the product is cheap, ugly looking and a purchase I WOULD NOT recommend.
Bizzy Lizzy
Bizzy Lizzy Reply to on 30 May 2016
Considering the price, this is pretty good, won't stand up to robust play, but I bought this to add to a homemade Roman costume that my daughter wore for a school topic and it did the job just fine. Lasted the day, but was a bit worse for wear by the end. Arrived in good time
Miss Pauline Gittoes
Miss Pauline Gittoes Reply to on 23 August 2018
Product arrived on time for my daughter to use as part of school holiday home work. Was too big fir her head but twisted it and it fit. Was just a shane the postman swished the parcel to fit it in ny letter box.
maskte Reply to on 12 November 2017
The Roman Laurel wreath fitted beautifully and made my granddaughters costume that bit different to others which is what she liked most. Thankyou
Evi Brounou
Evi Brounou Reply to on 9 January 2017
The leaves are fabic made and dont look so good. Furtermore, my 5 year old daughter wear it the first time at school and came back with 1/3 of te leaves missing here and there! Dissapointed
Rebecca Reply to on 2 August 2018
Perfect for a costume party, sits well and lasts as long as you need it. You get what you pay for.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 30 April 2017
Overall most happy but any item of clothing should have a proper size
Tricia Reply to on 5 June 2018
Very good, you can keep for many users x
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