Shizuku7148 12 Cup Silicon / Silicone Muffin Tray Cupcake Cake Cases, moulds. Available in pink, blue or red.:Shizuku7148
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12 Cup Silicon / Silicone Muffin Tray Cupcake Cake Cases, moulds. Available in pink, blue or red.:Shizuku7148

Keraiz Published in October 22, 2018, 5:32 am
 12 Cup Silicon / Silicone Muffin Tray Cupcake Cake Cases, moulds. Available in pink, blue or red.:Shizuku7148

12 Cup Silicon / Silicone Muffin Tray Cupcake Cake Cases, moulds. Available in pink, blue or red.:Shizuku7148

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James Reply to on 12 July 2014
One of the revelations I've bought recently. Bought the blue set, and it is a lovely high quality tray. Thicker than expected and after reading the reviews, nowhere near as floppy as reported. It also has a slightly textured top (smooth in the actual molds themselves) which adds to the finish.

Colour is nice and deep, no signs that this is a cheap mass produced bit of tat, but a decent finished article worth the small amount that it costs. I would suggest always using liners, or greasing inside, but in terms of whether to buy or not, this is a definite must.
F. Baker
F. Baker Reply to on 4 March 2016
Much nicer than I expected. This muffin/cup cake tray was much firmer than I expected it to be. However I did place it into a metal tray when putting it into the oven - this help to stop the egg mixture from slopping all over the place, as I moved it from kitchen surface to oven. (I was making mini crustless quiches) It made lovely mini quiches, perfect for my new healthy way of living. One day I might also try chocolate muffins.
vm1967 Reply to on 27 April 2015
These are great if you want to make ahead and freeze then take out and thaw and cook say mince pies etc. If you find they are too big for your convection oven like me, then you can easily cut them in half to form 2 sets of 6 cases each. Washes quickly - far better than conventional tin ones. I agree the level of crisp is not the same as for metal though. I found just use a hotter over and get the same result however. eg use a 200c rather than 180c and it will improve the speed of cooking as the silicone does definitely insulate the baking from the heat a bit.
Charlie Reply to on 23 October 2014
I have been very sceptical about silicon bakeware but decided it may just do the job. I do know from professional experience that silicon can withstand heat but it still feels like cooking in plastic.

I wanted it for Yorkshire puddings and they need high temperatures to get them to rise. Third attempt and caution thrown to the wind I cooked them at gas mark 8 and perfect Yorkshire, well nearly as the only problem I can not overcome is the base of the Yorkshire trend to sag but the tops rise and are crispy. This is due the the silicon cooling faster than metal so the bases tend to cool to fast I think. I just serve them with the base in the gravy so no one knows.
Flippety Pip
Flippety Pip Reply to on 2 November 2012
I have tried and tried and tried to make a decent muffin but I just can't do it. Despite trying a billion different fool proof recipes it's just not happening.
I tried in this lovely silicone mould and they were still rubbish, however, they didn't stick to the mould, came out easily straight into the bin. So now I have given up on my muffin quest.
If however you have that muffin magic I would recommend this muffin tray.
We now use our silicone muffin tray for yorkshire puddings and can happily say I have much more sucess with these. A small ammount of oil and they come out a treat without sticking.
On arrival of a baby I bought another of these as they are perfect for freezing batches of babyfood. Much easier than ice cube trays.
Mrs E Denby
Mrs E Denby Reply to on 9 October 2016
Came quickly and hassle free. Didn't have any packaging apart from the label but then it doesn't need protecting. Have used them a lot already and they work really wrll
Natasha Reply to on 26 July 2016
I've only used it once, came out good, although I used cupcake cases because of the silicone and what not.
I bought this because we have a small kitchen and the Yorkshire Pudding tray(which is too shallow for cupcakes) takes up too much room and is stored in the grill. With this, I just roll it up and shove it in the cupboard.
Miss C. A. Boyles
Miss C. A. Boyles Reply to on 23 November 2015
worked great, this was my first time trying silicon baking moulds, I learned that you need to put the muffin tray onto a baking tray before adding the ingredients, otherwise it's kind of hard to move it (It's floppy!) I used them to make mini bacon and mushroom omelettes for my partner to take into work with him.
Arrived quickly, great price, would use this supplier again.
Tina h
Tina h Reply to on 26 July 2016
I bought and used a few times. These are strong ons but have to use on a baking tray or muffins flop out when removing from oven.
Found the pans singe and the brown tinge is extremely difficult to remove.
Honestly found the old fashioned metal tins far superior
Joel Mayers
Joel Mayers Reply to on 20 December 2015
The do exactly what they say on the packet.... Great non stick easey to clean and easey to remove cakes from every time! But try getting it into the oven when the cake mix is liquid.... And try removing when its full of hot cake.... You can't, nothing wrong with the product but you need an old baking try to stand them on or anything that will go into the oven
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