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Jack and the Flumflum Tree:Shizuku7148

Julia Donaldson
Julia Donaldson Published in October 22, 2018, 5:47 am
 Jack and the Flumflum Tree:Shizuku7148

Jack and the Flumflum Tree:Shizuku7148

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Buy the best Reply to on 29 September 2011
Julia Donaldson does it again! When my 5 yr old read this, he solemnly informed me that he was only saying 'Knickers' because it's written in the book. The brilliant ryhming style meant that after being read to a few times, he was then able to read it himself - partly from reading, and partly from memory. In my book (pun intended) that's what counts - getting boys to read; and his baby sister LOVES the drawings. Genius. (not to mention being able to have a memorable way of remembering that 'kn' sounds 'n'. If you love this, try ALL her other books: Snail & the Whale; The magic paintbrush; Tiddler; A squash and a squeeze; Monkey puzzle.... She rocks!
pipKA Reply to on 14 September 2015
We're huge fans of Julia Donaldson and I spotted this and ordered it as a weekend treat for my two children. My son, especially, is on a mission for us to plug the holes in our collection and ordering the paperbacks on Amazon is an easy treat. Jack and the Flumflum tree is a collaboration between Donaldson and the illustrator David Roberts (they previously worked together on The Troll and Tyrannosaurus Drip) and the book has a different look to the more familiar illustrators like Axel Scheffler and Lydia Monks. I really enjoy Roberts' illustration style, his pictures are incredibly detailed and he has a distinctive use of colour which will become recognisable to readers,

The story tells of Jack and his friends setting off to find a cure for his Granny's Moozels. They have to sail away to find the fruit of the Flumflum tree and bring it back to achieve this. Granny gives Jack some special supplies in a sack to take on the voyage and the story tells just how they become useful to them.

The story has Donaldson's usual lyrical style. I very much enjoyed the opening to the story which reminded me a little of the nursery rhyme 'Miss Polly had a Dolly' in style. As with so many of her books, the style lends itself to reading aloud and your children learning it by heart. There are a few cheeky moments in this story which my son loved, especially the mention of knickers, and the sing song style had them chanting along with it in no time at all.

Highly recommended from Donaldson, as usual
C. M. Dummett
C. M. Dummett Reply to on 16 March 2014
A young reader said to me once she liked Julia Donaldson books because they all had the same tune! Donaldson is extraordinarily prolific and inevitably some books are going to be more satisfying than others. The story of Jack and his crew's trip to find the fruit of the flumflum tree to cure granny's moozles revolves around two things: the patchwork sack that Granny gives him to solve some of the problems he encounters on the way and a joke about the name of an island. The inclusion of the word 'knickers' as in 'Don't get your knickers in a twist' goes down well with young readers and listeners . At a certain age, there's nothing like a grown-up giving one permission to say a rude word out loud! David Roberts has excelled himself in illustrating this story. His pictures are clear, detailed and a satisfying to pore over. It is a shame that in the paperback edition the end papers, which form a single picture, have been skimped on. The wonderful picture of a seaside town in which all the objects in the patchwork sack have been hidden with great skill, can only be viewed by flipping from front to back.
Mrs S
Mrs S Reply to on 6 August 2015
This is one of Julia Donaldson's lesser known books but truly one of her best! We discovered it at 'Seven Stories' in Newcastle (well worth a visit!) at their story time, where they had all the props in their own patchwork sack - my kids adored it and we soon bought our own copy. Even the 10 year old will still listen to it if we're reading it to his siblings, and our 2 year old can recite certain lines from it. Great refrain that kids learn quickly and lots of fun! We've often bought it as a gift since, as you can often buy Donaldson/Scheffler books and find the birthday child had them already - this one is more unusual so it's less likely - and always loved :)
Good for boys and girls of any age, if you like rhyming, fun books you'll be sure to like this one.
Y. Andrusevich
Y. Andrusevich Reply to on 22 February 2017
My 3.5 year old loves it. Honestly, I'm not crazy aboru it - it's a good book, but I have other favorties by this author. I would give it a solid 4, but my child loves it, so I'm giving it a 5. He learnt it by heart in 2-3 days of reading and "reads" it to his toddler sister following the pictures. The last line (also the punchline) is what he's waiting for the most, and it's brilliant, I'll give it that )). I tried rpelacing knickers with panties and even undies, but my son said it should be knickers, just like the author meant for them to be )).
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 9 April 2012
My husband and I get requests to read this book A LOT by our children, aged 4 and 2.5 I took a chance and I bought this book without having even looked at it in a bookshop or taken it out from the library and I am so very glad that I did.

In the few months that we have had it, it has been read many many times. The children enjoy it very much. They help me tell the story, when I stop mid sentence they always finish it for me. The repetition and rhyming is great, the story is just brilliant. Illustrations are really good too.

We highly recommend this book! A real winner from the duo of JD and DR!
AmazonAddict Reply to on 28 September 2015
I have so many of Julias books and this is by far the best. I've read it a million times in a few short months and it sounds just as good as the first time. My daughter (2.5 years) and I know the words off my heart and my son (8 months) smiles as he listens the whole way through especially at "don't get your knickers in a twist said jack" which is on every other page.

Worth triple it's weight in gold.
WE K. Reply to on 20 February 2018
Excellent! One of the lesser-known Donaldsons, but in my opinion (and that of my 5 yo), one of her very best. Great rhymes, good story and cute illustrations.
Julie Reply to on 19 March 2015
Great story! Another Julia Donaldson hit. Repetitive enough for my 1.5 year old to remember some of the words or phrases. Cute little tale and my American self just loves the "Don't get your knickers in a twist" phrase that appears often!
Nina Jones
Nina Jones Reply to on 2 September 2018
I bought this book recently for my 3 year old son who absolutely loves books. I’ve purchased so many books I could open a library but we particularly like Julia Donaldson. Some are better than others but I find most of them enjoyable to read (even over and over again) and my son loves them. This one is his new favourite. It’s funny, imaginative and colourful. I would highly recommend!
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